It can be an interesting experience training a dog. Even if you’ve done it a thousand times it’s always a little bit different. The same basics still apply, but every dog functions and responds slightly differently to various prompts and commands. The treats that work with one puppy may have zero effect on another one.

There’s rigorous training like the police put their dogs through…

Then there’s basic training that you could attempt to do on your own. This includes things like teaching the dog to stay, come, sit, stand-up, shake your hand, etc. The training police dogs do is more about becoming part of a team and identifying danger. Watch how the dogs and humans interact because you can learn some very important tricks from the video.

Using toys for example is great for positive reinforcement. When the dog does something correctly or something that you like, you reward it with a treat. It’s a lot more work than you’d expect. But, you can use this educational technique to get the pup to follow orders more easily.

Just remember when you get frustrated trying to do it on your own, we’re here! Just give us a call or shoot us a message and we’ll arrange a time to help you out.

When the police bring a dog into a train station for example, consider all the things the dog has to deal with. There’s all kinds of noises and people walking around, the ground is moving, you can see trains passing by, etc.